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Due to its effort and endeavour, the Jokic Winery has become a synonym for top-quality wines. Ever since the organic production in 2009 began, a special attention was paid to our premium wines in order to achieve a perfect harmony of traditional growing of vinegrape with all the advantages offerred by modern technology.

The region of North Dalmatia, between the mountains and the sea, where our vineyards are located, is characterized by ideal microclimate, as well as extremely fertile soil necessary for growing top-quality grapes. Organic, i.e. ecological production, means a careful and controlled treatment not only of the vineyards but also of the wine as a final product.

Our vineyards are hoed and cultivated manually, excluding thus completely the use of herbicide.  Manure is used instead of artificial fertilizers.  We do not treat our grapevine with pesticides. In the later phase of production, only enological agents that are allowed in organic production are used in the Jokic Winery just in order to preserve the wines.

This joint enterpise of the whole family Jokic along with the constant cooperation of the most appreciated enologists of the region has created wines such as: Posip, Cuvee, Rosy-Rose, Marastina, Yellow Muscat and Chardonnay famous for their rich and seductive flavour full of our passion towards  wine production.



The tradition of  Jokic Winery started back in 1906 with Mr. Acim Jokic, who first realized the undoubted potential of this region for growing a high-quality grapevine. This wine jewel was dozing for some time and waiting for its natural successor who was going to breathe a second life in the old vineyards.

The new era of the winery started in 2009 with complete cultivation of the land with an emphasis on an organic approach to the production. This chapter has been characterized by an extensive work of  Mr. Dusko Jokic and the production manager, Ms. Dragana Sulentic, on the transformation of the entire winery keeping pace with the highest world standards. The best experts in their fields have been hired and the very top of the available technology has been integrated in order to achieve a considerable level of production.

Following the example of the former pioneers of our winery, we are striving for perfection and we are determined to transform this enterpise into reality.


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