Top EX-YU Wineries

The team of the magazine “Wine Style” has launched a unique regional project – a book “Top EX-YU Wineries” and Jokic winery can be found among the chosen ones.

This luxurious publication consists of stories about chosen wineries; it includes almost 200 exclusive photos which depict the colours and uniqueness of the wine world of this region. The book includes interviews with winery owners and wine producers, as well as expert descriptions of best wines. Compared to the previous edition, a great step forward has been made considering the quality of wines. The region of former Yugoslavia is characterized by a variety of wine styles which make it quite attractive. More attention is paid to local vine types, which is an “ace in the hole in today’s global market ” said Mr Milorad Calic who is one of the most prominent enologists and the author of expert descriptions of wines in the book.