Men will be able to find enough strength and firmness in this unisex wine, and women will find tempting fragrances and elegance. Intensely pink and more corpulent than usual for today's "mainstream" rose wines, our Rosy seduces with a range of intense fruity fragrances (raspberries, cherries, strawberries, roses) decorated with notes of pepper and nutmeg. In the "taste department”, an experienced gentleman Pomegranate also joins our sexy Rosy, while very live acids are responsible for the refreshment. In the last act of this game, a little more tannin and alcohol discreetly introduce us into a more fluttering ending, where we can meet a pomegranate, cherry and "a cherry on top". Alone, or in a pair with light salads, mature cheeses or fruit desserts, and meat delicacies, our Rosy will be a great foreplay for all sexy, romantic or some other nice moments.